Oyster #30

 oyster stitches…these are lovely to work with, and I am so thankful that I can keep learning new stitches thanks to Sharon at pintangle, and Take a Stitch Tuesday.

 I worked these in pearl cotton 8, 5, cotton floss and cotton broder…..

…and added some bullion knots here and there…as I stitched, I kept thinking of how the oyster – a living organism – creates a gem – pearls- by way of irritation…and am reminded of  matthew 13:45-46
God’s creation is so wonderful! and His salvation by grace through faith in Lord Jesus Christ…He is the Only Way, the truth and the life


17 thoughts on “Oyster #30

  1. This is so beautiful.The colors are sober and looks great..I am planning to do an embroidery in lazy daisy stitch. But now thinking of doing oyster stich instead of that..I will try it out and post it.. Good that I saw your blog..Will go through it fully this weekend and get back to you.


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