Life is a cabinet……


 I pulled up behind a parked car the other day, and glanced at the license plate frame – “Life is a Cabinet” it said…

– I started to laugh.  Yes – I thought – it is a bit like a cabinet…

And I began to ponder how, as in our lives,  we put things in a cabinet, take things out…maybe hide things, change things etc…..and how in Christ Jesus – I have a BRAND NEW CABINET – and, though the old cabinet is still around, it is going; it is being cleaned out; and I no longer want to keep things in the old cabinet – I want to store  where they will be safe forever – not eaten by moths, or stolen, or destroyed by fire….stored in the new cabinet – where my Father is :)

Oh – and the license plate frame?   I looked again, and saw that it actually said, “Life is a Cabernet”….I laughed harder –

I still like “Life is a cabinet “…….

The Denying Bunch

photo by daveparker

they fuss…a lot…the atheists, and those who embrace evolution and darwinism…why so upset about the Bible? Genesis?  Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation? God’s gift of Grace?  Hell?

if it wasn’t true….why all the fuss?

oh!  they fuss because IT IS true…and they know it…they know it.
2 Peter 3:3-7

less fuss, more truth :)

photo credit: daveparker, Flickr