Life is a cabinet……


 I pulled up behind a parked car the other day, and glanced at the license plate frame – “Life is a Cabinet” it said…

– I started to laugh.  Yes – I thought – it is a bit like a cabinet…

And I began to ponder how, as in our lives,  we put things in a cabinet, take things out…maybe hide things, change things etc…..and how in Christ Jesus – I have a BRAND NEW CABINET – and, though the old cabinet is still around, it is going; it is being cleaned out; and I no longer want to keep things in the old cabinet – I want to store  where they will be safe forever – not eaten by moths, or stolen, or destroyed by fire….stored in the new cabinet – where my Father is :)

Oh – and the license plate frame?   I looked again, and saw that it actually said, “Life is a Cabernet”….I laughed harder –

I still like “Life is a cabinet “…….

rejoice! yes – do it :)

i will rejoice by adrienne berry
Encouraged by Savannah’s blog , Christie Cottage
and the beautiful, inspired art by the gifted artist, Adrienne Berry
here is a Scripture for Scripture Sunday:
– yes you got that right – 
Rejoice!! Always – 
not just when you feel like it…
                           not just when things are comfortable
not just when there is no suffering...

ALWAYS!!!!!  Halleluiah!! He lives!! His joy is IN YOU!! and if it isn’t…don’t you want it to be? His Joy never varies or changes…like Him…the same yesterday today and forever :)


And she answered and said unto him, Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children’s crumbs.  
From our Gracious God, even the crumbs are most plentiful and abundantly enough – and how much more does He always shower us with?
Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.  Psalm 103:2

I ♥ Latvia

Update: As of June 6. 2010, I am offering any item-of your choosing- from my store to individuals who donate $50 to this mission, and, any three items – of your choosing- from my store for donations of $100.

I love Latvia – I have never been to the European continent. But I love Latvia.
I have met two of the kindest, most hard working, gifted women on etsy….they are both from Latvia.

I’d like to buy out their shops, if I could, yet….
To give Him, to lead someone to Him – and teach through His Word
is the best gift you could ever give anyone,
anytime, anywhere….

There is someone who is in Latvia, teaching and leading.
Calvary Chapel Latvia.

I learned that there is a young family in Santa Cruz, California who are going to Latvia, to assist Brenten with his mission. The Petriks.

I thought,” how can I help?”
I pray, and donate, and ask…

I ask, please make a donation to help send the Petriks to Latvia
I step out, in faith , and ask for donations.

you can donate online through CCSC’s online-giving.

(under “budget” choose “special missions” and under “notes” write “Petriks-Latvia”)

ANY AMOUNT HELPS ! and PRAYER is always greatly encouraged and welcomed :D

Perhaps this will be an extra nudge to get people moving and helping….because, well,
I ♥ Latvia

Thank you :D
my friends in Latvia are: