SweetSincerity’s Designs on Etsy

When I received my purchase  from SweetSincerity, here is what was received:

this is the packaging for the necklace….watch…...

Open it up, and…………….

Then, the pair of earrings……………… look how they arrived………….

in a lovely frame, with the sweet touch of special paper work……….

:)  I smiled………. and was exceedingly pleased………….so much care and work…….and lovely design….

just had to share

Pearl and Poodle Light Blue Collage Loli Necklace

Congratulations to Deb Davey of dspdavey.etsy.com and TwoCheekyMonkeys.blogspot.com for winning the collage necklace featured last post during the giveaway!! And thank you to everyone who entered! Work has been terribly busy…homework, housework, schooling work, yard work, that is… I did find some time to make this newest collage necklace, which I really, really like – it features vintage and new:D

The Basket charm is vintage, silver plated and I have several of them – they are all blank (no stones), so that I hand fill them using a “wax drop stick” to hold the small crystals or pearls, and gently place them in the flower centers. This basket has vintage Japan made glass pearls; another basket necklace in my etsy shop has vintage Swarovski chatons in it.

As always, much Joy to you all!

Rose Collage Necklace GIVEAWAY!!!

This NECKLACE is my GIVEAWAY!! From today through Tuesday May 4, please enter to win in this necklace, made by me, at http://www.christiecottage.blogspot.com !!
To ENTER, simply choose an item from my shop

http://www.kippyssomature.etsy.com – your favorite, one you like or just an item :D ~
THEN, go to http://www.christiecottage.blogspot.com, and POST a comment under the WIN-IT-WEDNESDAY post: comment + your chosen item and you will be entered to win~~~!
Entries must be posted by Tuesday, May 4, 2010, midnight EDT…winner will be chosen via random generator, and announced May 5, Wednesday!!!

Cheer up!

Cheerful , and jOY! that is what inspires me to make what I make in my shop!
I lived most of my life without Joy in my heart – and I looked everywhere for it.
I found it in God, and the way to GOd is through the Lord Jesus Christ.
Each item, just about, in my shop features a component purchased from another artisan/seller on etsy, which I have used in my own item.
I like to do that – I like to help others by purchasing from them, using their “supply” and making something Cheerful and Joyous!
Or, just purchasing from them to support their shop! The more I give, I always receives three-fold back!

My items are not run of the mill..each and every item is the only one I make of it’s kind, and I know there is not a huge market out there for my items, but that is OK. :D

This item features a “Rudu Bear”. http://www.Rudulatvia.etsy.com is an artist, fashion designer, student ,mom, wife and seller! Yes – Latvian women CAN do everything! I saw her bears and I asked her to custom make me some so I could use them in necklaces in my shop -I really, really like these bears! They are needle felted, 100% wool, with little bead eyes… they are just the right size to hold in your hand, or a child’s hand…and the texture is welcoming and, well, cheerful!

I also think it is so neat that I can have a friend (actually I have 2!) who live in Latvia, while I am here in California! Thanks be to God! The internet and etsy.com have put me in touch with kind folks that have enriched my life greatly. (my other friend in Latvia is http://www.FiligreePhotos.etsy.com / http://www.FiligreeCreations.etsy.com )OH! I would also like to add that the beautiful fibres with which I made this necklaces are from one of my friends in the UK, http://www.cardsandcraft.etsy.com ! Isn’t God amazing?

SO, there you have it! A one of a kind, international, cute necklace!

Thank you for stopping by!~Send me a convo if you have a question or if I can make you anything and I will do my best!