The Denying Bunch

photo by daveparker

they fuss…a lot…the atheists, and those who embrace evolution and darwinism…why so upset about the Bible? Genesis?  Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation? God’s gift of Grace?  Hell?

if it wasn’t true….why all the fuss?

oh!  they fuss because IT IS true…and they know it…they know it.
2 Peter 3:3-7

less fuss, more truth :)

photo credit: daveparker, Flickr

The Energy of Hiding

photo credit: rachfog,

It takes energy to hide, so why is so much energy spent by evolutionists and atheists to keep the terms of the debate favorable to evolutionary science?
Why so much fear and trembling ?

“So much energy is expended in keeping the terms of the debate favourable to evolutionary science that it is hard to escape the conclusion that there is more at stake in the creation/evolution debate for the evolutionary community than meets the eye.”  (emphasis mine)

excerpt from Harker, Barry R.; Science and rationality; Journal of Creation 25 (3)2011

Critters in the Shop – they have a designer

This is how the little creatures featured in my shop start – as a fluff of wool ….

 after repeated poking with felting needles, much shaping and designing, they start to look more critter-like

then, add some hand painted wool – needled into the critter…….

It did not happen by itself – I made it – and the wool, came from sheep….and the Designer put the information in the sheep to make the wool, which I used, to make the critter :)

Therefore, to say that over time, the fluff of wool  became the critter would be nonsense – someone crafted it……and the little critter in the shop is hardly as lovely or as delicately designed as the real one, full of life, kept and Created by Almighty God.

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