Life is a cabinet……


 I pulled up behind a parked car the other day, and glanced at the license plate frame – “Life is a Cabinet” it said…

– I started to laugh.  Yes – I thought – it is a bit like a cabinet…

And I began to ponder how, as in our lives,  we put things in a cabinet, take things out…maybe hide things, change things etc…..and how in Christ Jesus – I have a BRAND NEW CABINET – and, though the old cabinet is still around, it is going; it is being cleaned out; and I no longer want to keep things in the old cabinet – I want to store  where they will be safe forever – not eaten by moths, or stolen, or destroyed by fire….stored in the new cabinet – where my Father is :)

Oh – and the license plate frame?   I looked again, and saw that it actually said, “Life is a Cabernet”….I laughed harder –

I still like “Life is a cabinet “…….

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