Do you have your reusable bag?

The plastic bag by eyetOy

they are now *”banished”  from the local markets – the reusable plastic bags that I collect and reuse…
Clerks have told me…repeatedly…that the bags would be banished!…though I really wanted to ignore it  –

Whether I have a reusable bag, or not, or even whether reusable bags are banned or not is meaningless

ignoring God is entirely different

 where will you go eternally? 
Haven’t you heard?

we all will pay for our sins.  you think you are paying now? guess again – the federal debt of trillions of dollars can be paid off but you and I cannot pay for our sins – not even one.  Eternal death is the penalty – don’t believe in eternity? – guess again;
your soul is eternal; plastic bags are not. so, while folks are running around worrying about having too many plastic bags supplied by markets, grocery stores and the like, and what a great achievement it is to have the bags “banned”,

I am saying – grab your salvation while you can! please! you need it, and Lord Jesus Christ is the One and Only Way – He paid your debt!  And the gift of life in Jesus Christ, the gift of grace is free – receive it…….
or not,

 and the wrath of God is something only Lord Jesus could satisfy  – get your account clean with Him now, please –
you will spend eternity paying for it in horror, without grace or mercy…only His Wrath punishing you eternally

just like all the folks telling me that the bags would be banished one day, I ignored it, and here it is ……there WILL come a day when it WILL be too late for you to make a decision –

Time to get yourself right with God – right now, between you and Him and you can do so by praying to God from your heart and mouth-
talk to Him – He needs to hear from you

plastics bags do not matter.

You do.

*Los Angeles County, however, they may still be found

Caught the moment

Caught the Moment 5×7 Metallic Print by

Someone mentioned to me about living in the moment – it sounded ok at the time…but it kept bugging me.
It should
it isn’t about the “moment”, although, I have spent anguished and despairing moments in the past, when just to make it through the “moment” was impossible by myself

It is about Eternity – seems so far away, and most cannot understand it – but it is about eternity.  This is the moment to decide, not just where to be for all eternity, but whether to stay dead in sin, or live in Christ right now – now – you can LIVE from this moment on :O) 
Putting off the decision, drops you into eternity with no way out .  And it is worse than you imagine….likewise, in Christ Jesus – is more life, more precious, more free, more hopeful, more joyous than you can imagine…….it is a fact.

Truth is non negotiable.

the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by  Jesus Christ  john chapter 1, verse 17