This is a small portion of a larger project I have been working on – shown are little french knot flower drops…….

I am behind on TAST and have been (probably) too involved in the United States election coming up on November 6….but am so very thankful to live here where we can vote….and to have a military that protects that freedom…. here in the USA are we thankful, or thank less?  do we think we deserve this and that….or do we realize that God does not give us what we deserve, yet heaps blessings upon us?

 Christ Jesus is who He said He was….- folks can debate and fight about voting…
but Lord Jesus Christ is the ONLY way – there is no debating and fighting  with God – He reigns :D

how can you possibly reject the Lord Jesus Christ? only if you reject God’s grace and mercy.  And if so, you will spend eternity without grace and mercy – in God’s wrath – which killed Lord Jesus Christ on the cross as He bore the punishment of all the sins of the world and suffered God’s wrath…so that you, me, would not – …..and  He lives :D

accept or reject – eternity hangs in your choice…

and the next four years? 
 – thanks be to God for the choice