Sunlight and Cheer

Sun and light, yellow and amber, a cheerful necklace that brightens….
I enjoy using vintage materials that I have – unused stock, usually made in Japan – and combining that with components that I purchase from different artisans on etsy.

This necklace is such an example…the necklace chain is vintage Japan made textured steel links,
embellished with beautiful borosilicate glass beads, crocheted delicate blossoms, and handmade stainless steel closed loops.

The beads are the artistry of
the blossoms are the artistry of
the closed rings are the artistry of

This necklace reminds me that the sun always shines…even when I can’t see it, …it is there. And that the Light of Lord Jesus shines always, through it all…even, and especially, when it doesn’t feel like He is there…He is.